John the Forerunner

John the Forerunner, the beginning of the joy-bearing message about the coming of our Christ in the world, ceaselessly preaches the gospel of salvation for about two thousand years: “Brethren, prepare the way, make straight the paths of your hearts, He is coming, who is incomparably stronger than me, He, of whom I am not […]

Jordan Turned Back

Having beheld the fire of the Godhead Bodily coming down and entering upon him…. Jordan turned back Seeing the Invisible one visible, The Creator incarnated, The Master in the form of a servant… Jordan turned back The Great feast of the Epiphany (or Theophany or of Lights), for the Western Christians on the one hand, […]

Saint Seraphim of Sarov, the Righteous Wonderworker

Saint Seraphim of Sarov, a great ascetic of the Russian Church, was born on July 19, 1754. His parents, Isidore and Agathia Moshnin, were inhabitants of Kursk. Isidore was a merchant. Toward the end of his life, he began construction of a cathedral in Kursk, but he died before the completion of the work. His […]

Saint Thomais the Righteous of Lesvos, Protector of the Married Life

St. Thomais was from the island of Lesvos and was born between 910-913 AD from pious and rich parents. They were childless, but with the Grace of God and the intercessions of the Panagia, they brought the Saint into the world. The Saint, after pressures and great desires of her parents, was married to a […]

The Prophet Malachi

Malachi was the last of the prophets in time. He was born after the return of the Hebrews from the Babylonian Captivity in 538 B.C. He was unusually handsome in countenance. According to legend, the people called him an angel, perhaps because of his external beauty or because of his spiritual purity, or even, perhaps […]

Delhi shivers on coldest day for 44 years

The Indian capital, Delhi, has shivered through its coldest day for 44 years, with dense fog causing travel chaos. Temperatures fell to a minimum for the day of 4.8C while the maximum temperature in the city was down 11 degrees at 9.8C. The Meteorological Office said it was the first time since records began in […]

Why Jesus Came Into the World

Now the virginity of Mary was hidden from the prince of this world, as was also her offspring, and the death of the Lord; three mysteries of renown, which were wrought in silence by God. How, then, was He manifested to the world? A star shone forth in heaven above all the other stars, the […]

Saint Ignatius the God-Bearer of Antioch

This holy man is called “the God-bearer” because he constantly bore the name of the Living God in his heart and on his lips. According to tradition, he was thus named because he was held in the arms of God Incarnate, Jesus Christ. On a day when the Lord was teaching His disciples humility, He […]

Holy Theophany: The Baptism Of Jesus And The Blessing Of The Waters

Today, January 6, Orthodox Christians celebrate another of the Twelve Great Feasts of the Christian Church — the Theophany, or, as it is also called, the Epiphany. It is the day that Jesus is baptized in the River Jordan by the holy prophet and “forerunner” John, the day that Jesus of Nazareth, stepson of the […]

Misogyny in India: We are all guilty

Misogyny is so deeply rooted in India’s collective psychology that even the president’s son — in this case, Congress Parliament member Abhijit Mukherjee — could entangle himself with a remark against women protesting gang rape. He called them “dented and painted women” who go to discos, have little connection with ground realities and are making […]