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The First Icons of Christ and the Virgin

The teaching of the Church, according to which images are an integral element of the Christian Gospel from its very beginning, is also expressed in the tradition which asserts that the first icon of Christ appeared during His...

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Prayer Presupposes Faith

Prayer presupposes faith. People who don’t pray are without help, uncertain, blind and alone. They’re earthbound, not knowing how to fly aloft, to burn bright in the sky, to enjoy the necessary celestial support. They’re...

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The Application of Orthodox Theology

By Protopresbyter Fr. John Romanides All men regardless of nationality, race, and color have the noetic faculty and therefore the possibility of reaching illumination by means of purification and then if God pleases they may...

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Spiritual Life of a Couple

A common issue in a couple relationship is about their spiritual life. One can be very spiritual following the way of life prescribed for Orthodox Christians and the other not making any attempt to follow the practices of the...

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