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Saint Basil on Human Trafficking

Christianity has uprooted many barbaric customs from the society of man. But some of those customs – praiseworthy from the pagan point of view, but shameful from the Christian point of view – are, even to the present day, like...

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Forgiving the Unrepentant, Again and Again

Forgiving, again, and again, and again.  Forgive me if I carry on with this topic forgiveness, even if I get repetitive. When I was a kid (about 8), I scraped my knee pretty badly.  I wasn’t in a context of close adult...

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Basil the Great and Disfigured Christianity

I want to speak on Saint Basil, but I don’t want to say what is commonly told by those who write about this truly “Great” saint. Especially some theologians who are educated by the Franks, who don’t care at all about his...

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